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We specialize in custom and hard to print items and we give you advice and personal assistance every step of the way.

To request a printing quote, fill out our custom quote form, describe what you need, and attach artwork if available.

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Offset Custom Printing

Offset or “flat” custom printing is about the most widely used type of printing for business products. It’s a very high quality of printing which produces sharp results in both large and small details. Overall one of the most versatile types of printing available.

Over a 1000 different colors are available, however most printers have a standard set of ink colors that they use all the time. If you use a nonstandard ink color you usually have to pay a mixing and clean up charge of about $36.00.

Metallic inks are also available, Gold’s, Coppers, and Silver. However, these inks contain actually metal in them which is harder to clean off the presses so printers usually charge extra for the cleanup.

Note: Offset metallic inks do not have a shiny Chrome look to them. If you’ll looking for this consider Foil stamping.

Business cards can be printed in 1 to full color offset printing pretty affordable.

For Letterheads and Envelopes It’s best to keep your colors down to 1 or 2 colors if you’re on a tight budget. More colors are available but the price sky rockets.

Most of my Labels and Invoices/Business Forms are printing using Offset printing.

Standard turnaround time: 6 business days

Thermography Custom Printing

Thermography or “raised” custom printing is where an item is printed and while still wet a powder resin is dusted over the wet ink, then melted, causing a raised effect.

Thermography is about the cheapest way to print standard stationery items, the raised effect being very popular.

However it does not work well in designs that have very fine details, or very large areas of solid color.

Thermography is usually only printed in 1 to 2 colors combination. More colors are available on some items.

Standard turnaround time: 6 business days

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is where the printer has a metal die made of the image to be printed and the image is then stamped into the paper using foil.

Foil stamping works great to give you a shiny chrome look to metallic colors, and a glossy look to normal colors. It also works well for printing on a dark paper where normal ink would not show up.

Foil stamping does not work well on very fine intricate artwork.

Usually foil stamping is done in 1 to 2 colors.

Because of the metal die used the cost of foil printing is higher and often takes longer to print.

Standard turnaround time: 10 to 15 business days

Blind and Foil Embossing

Embossing is where 2 metal dies are made out of the image to be embossed. These dies are then pressed into the paper making a raised image in the paper.

The cost of the metal dies make embossing expensive. Depending on how complex the design is. The dies can cost anywhere from $150.00 to $325.00 +. This is for the die alone, then you have printing cost.

This makes embossing one of the most expensive ways to print, however it’s also one of the most impressive and elegant methods.

Blind embossing means that there is no color printed over the raised image. The image is the color of your paper, only raised, making for a very subtle effect.

Foil embossing is where the image is raised and cover with a metallic or matte foil.

Standard turnaround time: 10 to 16 business days


Bleeds are where the printing goes right up to the edge of the paper. (No margins) Bleeds can be either 1, 2, 3 or 4 sided.

Bleeds usually cost about $9.00 per side.

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